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Utility Mapping

Combining pipe and cable locating with survey accurate measurement allows you to create a 3D representation of the service or utility. This is necessary when the information is to be mapped and compiled for the management of such services.

Some examples where mapping is essential or at least beneficial:

  • “Work as executed” or “As-built” – allows the service to be checked and compared against design.
  • Building Design – having the services mapped during the design phase can avoid conflicts when connecting to services.
  • Site Management & Preparation – Having the services within the work site mapped minimises the likelihood of causing damage to utilities during ground-breaking.
  • Zone of influence – Identifying the actual position of a service can potentially maximise the amount buildable land within your lot.
  • Asset management – Many services & Utilities in Australia have been buried with little or no record of position or depth, knowing their whereabouts is imperative to successful management strategies and objectives.

Identifying and measuring the position and depth of a service results in an accurate 3D record of the asset. This valuable information can be transferred or viewed in a number of formats dependent on the desired product.

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