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Topographical Surveys

Kennedy Surveying has been serving the community for close to 30 years. We have extensive knowledge and experience in conducting Detail/Level surveys throughout NSW and QLD. Depending on the size or nature of the project or development, we have a number of different technologies we can use in order to deliver the required and intended product. These include but are not limited to:

LiDAR (Terrain modelling & Classification)

Commonly used for large scale surveys for drainage and concept design. Typical accuracy in the range of 0.1m to 0.3m

UAV (Terrain modelling & Photography)

Excellent for volumetric analysis, conceptual designs and monitoring. A very cost effective method of calculating monthly quantities and recording a projects’ progress. Typical accuracy on clear terrain of 0.02m to 0.08m.

Terrestrial Laser scanning (Terrain & Feature modelling)

Excellent at achieving high-density point clouds – almost 1,000,000 points per scan! Crucial for Business Integrated Management (BIM) and structural modelling. Typical accuracy of 0.01m to 0.02m

High Accuracy GPS (Feature surveys and small-scale terrain modelling)

Ideal for large areas with light vegetation. Can be vehicle mounted or traversed by foot. Extremely versatile and quick with the benefits of easy integration to mapping and GIS software. Typical accuracy 0.01m to 0.03m.

High Accuracy TPS (Highly accurate feature surveys and levels surveys)

Highest order of accuracy, only true solution for accurate design and reporting purposes. Pertinent to recording accurate heights in situations where millimetres matter. Typical accuracy 0.001m to 0.003m.

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Topographical Plan

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