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Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is not only limited to real estate and advertising, it is fast becoming a common and reliable tool across a range of disciplines and professions. Our images have been used for monitoring and measurement purposes, design and modelling, project management, dispute resolution and even court cases.

Our extremely versatile aerial platform can be deployed quickly and easily to capture the moment and with our ability to pre-program its flight path, makes it an extremely effective aerial mapping tool.

There are a number of deliverables that can be extracted from the capture of aerial images. Some of the options we offer are listed below.


Multiple images are ‘stitched’ together to form a single image. This is great for providing an overview of an area without having to view multiple images. The resolution of the image is directly related to the camera and altitude. Typically we offer a pixel resolution of 0.05m2. This can be refined, however, any greater resolution leads to a large data file that requires special software in order to open and interpret the image.

Ortho-Rectified Image

This takes the above method a step further by referencing the photo to ‘real world’ coordinates (similar to google earth). This allows relatively accurate measurements to be made between objects within the image. This is an option we offer with our utility mapping, with mapped services being able to be referenced to nearby objects (See Utility mapping).

Digital Elevation Model (DEM) or Triangulated Integrated Mesh (TIN)

Put simply, with sufficient overlap of images and the addition of ground control; the terrain of an area can be mathematically calculated. With technology and software that is current today, we can model the terrain to an accuracy of around 0.05m. There are a number of considerations when contemplating using this option in your project. We are happy to speak with you and discuss these further.

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